10 Best Free Apps To Make Poster For Android & iOS

In today world drawing and painting a colorful poster or a bright color does not give any complication for the advanced users. Since there is a large number of graphics photo editors and different specialities. Everyone believe that to make a poster you need to have a “special” knowledge and skills in graphic editors. However, after you’re familiar with the list of our best free apps to make poster you’ll completely change your idea. Everyone will find easy and create beautiful poster. You don’t need much to have skill in graphic design. By these simple and compact applications you’ll be able to create nice poster. best free apps to make poster

Best Free Apps To Make Poster For Android And iOS

1. Poster Maker

You can turn your posts into advertising posters quickly. You can download the Poster Maker application from Just a few clicks and a presentable poster is ready.
Poster Maker simple and powerful tool, in a few click you will be able to change your regular poster into creative poster. By using this application you can make different type of poster, decorate the status, quote, and greeting and wishes at your own choice. There are different kind of features and fonts. There are more then 300 decorative and design components and different categories of posters. Moreover the application comes with photo poster with a grid includes celebrities poster and many more. This app is available only on the App Store for iOS devices.

best free apps to make poster Get Poster Maker

2. Poster+            

You can make a quality poster and banner using this app. Install this special application Poster+, good news for everyone who wants to become a graphic designer. without having much knowledge and skills in graphic design you can easily make poster. Your blog and website will look more professional if you learn how to create poster by using Poster+. Within less time you can learn to work with this mobile application, it don’t require much effort.

The mobile application meets the user with a huge selection of ready-made posters, among which everyone can find their own, taking into account personal preferences. Here are the best posters, once created in the US by good designers. It is worth nothing that in this archive posters of excellent quality are stored.


Using the Poster+ mobile application, you can do many experiments with text , change the color, change the font size, and select a different font.
Put a personal photo on the selected poster. Use the special camera button or load a photo from the existing album.

After choosing a poster, writing a text and placing a photo, you just have to be entertained. The poster can be passed through various filters to try different styles of billboard design and vintage, and much more styles. With the mobile application Poster, now print high-quality posters and make the surrounding city more beautiful.

Get Poster+

3. PostWrap

Just type and swipe, the app will generate automatically posters. You can change plain text into poster. So choose the one you like and save it or share it. You can always tweak it if you don’t like the generated poster. You are free to select the one you like and save it or share it. If you are not comfortable with the poster generated, you can always tweak it. You can use this app to write text on photo, create flyers or use it as a quote creator also.


Make a posters with/without a background image.
Different lines of text.
Multiple text arrangement is possible.
Design your own font.
Long press on font or color control to open the panel where all choices are shown.
Move and rotate the text.
Modify Line space and Letter space.
If you want to change your text or add more text, go back and change.
Not only the font pick the color at your own choice.
You can increase poster size up to 4000 x 4000
While editing the poster you can zoom to perform the best.
Save your Poster and share in social media.best free apps making poster

Get PostWrap

4. Photo Posters

Using Photo Posters you can make different posters in 8 types.
Baby Posters – Here you can create memorable and best looking baby posters or another important event of the baby.
Graduation Posters – Create poster for Graduation that you can post on wall. During your Graduation Ceremony announce you graduate by sharing Graduation Photo Posters on websites and social media from Photo Posters.
Poster party- You can invite your friends for party with beautiful poster. They will be happy and exciting.
Poster for finding people- Create a photo of the missing person post the photo. So people will definitely search up quickly.
Wedding Poster – For wedding invitation and married poster create a beautiful poster to announce engagement your love ones.

Get Photo Posters

5. Canva

It is a simple graphic design software it enables anyone to become a designer, the easiest to use design program in the world. Canva is a free graphic design tool website, it was founded in the year 2012. Non-designers as well as professionals designer use canva. The tools can be used for both online and offline media design. So it is very easy to use because it comes with drag-and-drop interface. It provides access to over a million images, fonts and graphics.


Canva is an internet service that anyone allow to participate in web design. If you don’t have much skill in designing also you can become a good designer without special training. No need to purchase an expensive software and hardware. This tool let you to collect more ideas in graphic content, even without knowing how to draw. It works by the drag-and-drop principle. Canva is free to use. After payment some images will be already available.
You will be able to access more than hundreds of templates, free images, icon collections, fonts, backgrounds, colors. You can also start from scratch by creating your own templates.
Canva is a convenient and simple tool everyone can use it. Even if you do not have special skills. You can create graphics yourself.

Get Canva


It has hundred of professional layout.
Create beautiful logo for your team and business.
Snapchat geofilter templates.
Create social social media banner.
You can text on photo.
Million of images.

6. Over

Over is easy to use and convenient, no confusion. The process is simple: choose a photo, insert text, change color, size, position and font thats it. In just a minute you can do all this thing. But all fonts are not available in the program. If you want to access to all you need to pay extra dollar.
This app allows you to save and share the result with your friends over social media. Over has an official account in instagram, with the help of Over you an check out the most interesting work done.

How People Are Using Over

Social media posts
Birthday cards
Inspirational quotes
Event invitation
Business cards
Slides Presentation.
Watermark and Logo.
Album cover.
Apple Watch background.
iPhone wallpaper.
Pinterest post.

Get Over

7. PosterLabs 

Will transform your photos into spectacular posters. It offers hundreds of professionally-designed poster templates, it allows you to instantly create chic and stylish posters of different styles such as magazine covers, movie posters, gourmet ads, travel documentary, and many more.


You can create best Magazine covers and allow you to become the stylish cover star.
Create a beautiful Movie posters. Share your favorite food by creating tasty looking food style. Share your memorable journey and tell your travel stories. Apply stunning filters to your photos to add that perfect touch to your masterpieces.
Instantly share your masterpieces on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Get PosterLabs

8. Poster Maker & Poster Designer

By adding a frame or a mirror effect you an make your photos more attractive. It contains a wide range of frame, borders, scaling, you can choose your photo and the standard background. Therefore this all lets you make a regular picture into a colorful poster.
Different types of fonts will allow you not just to create a quote, but whole designer art. Choose your own choice templates. It will change your photos to look professional. No one will be able to differentiate this poster is made by a professional or ordinary user.

The application is always updated, and they add new features time to time. Finally save your masterpieces and share with your friends.

Get Poster Maker & Poster Designer

9. April – Poster Maker

If you really want to create beautiful photos, then make them a real masterpiece and use this application. You can collage photos with each other,you can create an album for yourself. The location of photos depends only on your will. So the application itself will offer you some figures. Therefore it is quite easy to do, and you can literally choose the right photos on the move, and remove those that are not needed. Now you can create posters with your image easily and simple. 

Get April-Poster Maker

10. Notegraphy

Notegraphy is a very interesting and amazing application for android. Because it is completely new experience of writing and sharing text in your social networks. With Notegraphy you can decorate and beautify your own notes and quotes of famous people. Everything you write and share will look attractive and beautiful.


It has more than 40 templates.
Find friends and follow people you like.
You can share automatically to all important social media and instant messaging apps.
Save your note as in image.
Create your own gallery with your best notes.
Check out the explore section for some unexpected inspiration.best free apps making poster

Get Notegraphy

So these are the the best free apps to make poster. Finally you find a free apps to make poster I hope you’ll enjoy using these free apps. If you know any other free apps you can always drop a comment so that we can include in the list.

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