Best Clock Widgets Apps For Android 2018

Android phones and tablets come with pre-installed a clock widgets. But the pre-installed widget is not very attractive, and it doesn’t support customization. To make sure that your home screen look beautiful and attractive, you must install the following clock widgets apps.


clock widgets

1. Ultimate Custom Clock Widget (UCCW)

UCCW lets you to customise widgets on homescreen. With this app, you can change the settings, such as the layout, images, fonts, format and insert clocks, icons, email, weather information, battery data, and many other.

Clock Widgets

There are many other things you can makeup and change. You can create a cool skin to share with other, or download a ready skin if you don’t want to waste time in creating. If you want to use your own creativity than this app is the best app for you.
Download here: UCCW

2. Fancy widgets

Clock widgets

Fancy widgets is supported in all Android version. This app shows time and weather both separately. There are also other features like moon phase calendar, sunrise/sunset time calculation, monitoring battery level, different widget sizes and styles and others.
Download here: Fancy Widgets

3. Minimalistic text

Clock Widget

It is one of the best clock widgets, it display information in minimalistic way. It is highly customizable than any other apps. This app allow users to create time, date and weather widgets using text. The app has many features like auto update, detect battery consumption, customization, lightweight and easy management.
Download here: Minimalistic Text

4. Chronus

Clock widgets

Chronus is an extended widget app. It has clock widgets, weather, calendar, news, tasks widgets and others. All of them can be changed according to your need. Not all of them are free though – in order to get access to some widgets, you gotta get premium.
Download here: Chronus

5. ClockQ

Clock widgets

ClockQ is a simple clock widgets. It has several awesome fonts, colors, transparency and gives a beautiful look. If you like this simple app just go to the link below and download from google play.
Download here: ClockQ

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6.  Onca Clock Widget

Clock widgets

Onca Clock is a minimalist clock widget that combines digital and analog clock It offers lots of customization features, you can change font size, color for all elements, adjust transparency. The best part of this app is you can add minutes as ring and hours as digits. You can change the configuration anytime by tapping on the clock.
Download here: Onca Clock Widget

7. Lines Clock

clock widgets

Lines Clock is another widget created with UCCW. If want to use this clock widget, you should have installed UCCW app on your phone. If yes, means you can use this amazing date, weather, clock, widget.
Download here: Lines Clock

8. DashClock Widget

clock widgets

DashClock Widget built in not only time. The widgets comes with many extension to access to current weather, missed calls and inbox messages, unread email, scheduled alarms and calendar. DashClock is a home screen clock widget for Android. It enable you to customize and add the widget. You can change the primary lock screen by replacing the default clock. To add the widget to your android first turn on the “Enable widgets” in the security setting.
Download here: DashClock Widget

9. BobClockD3

clock widgets

BobClockD3 is simple an opensource clock widget, based on the Cowon D3 clock. The app is simple and very good looking. You can launch your clock app from the widget. It has a features to change date format, size, color and fonts. If want the app you can download from the google play.
Download here: BobClockD3

10. Jelly Bean Clock Widget

Clock widgets

Jelly Bean Clock Widget is one of the amazing minimalistic clock widget, it looks good with every theme. By taping on your home screen you can select what app to open. You can choose different color for the date, and allow you to show or hide the date. This is an old app, so it support even on Android 3.0 version. So if you like this widget just click the link below and get it.
Download here: Jelly Bean Clock Widget

These are the best app for clock widgets we have compiled, if we missed any great clock apps you can mention in the comment section.

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