How To Delete Sent Message From WhatsApp

WhatsApp become one of the most used social messaging app. Before WhatsApp exist the facility is available only in blackberry phone, but within no time WhatsApp takeover BBM and Facebook messenger. Now WhatsApp is used for sharing everything with friends and relatives every small and big thing-be it photos, message, video, audio and document. Sometimes accessive chatting and excitement we mistakenly send message to the wrong person or in a group, where we don’t intend to do. WhatsApp message travel very fast, it won’t give much time to realize that you sent to wrong person, by the time you react the message will already delivered to the recipient.

Do you ever send message to the wrong person? or you think carefully before you hit the send button.

Whatsapp rolled out the feature to delete everyone message. Let’s say you have sent message to the wrong person. But fortunately there is a chance to remove this message before they read, and sending message to the wrong person is always present.

Methods To Delete Sent Message from WhatsApp

Delete sent message from whatsapp

This guide will show you three methods how to delete sent message from WhatsApp:

1. Retrieve the message before it sent

You can do this by long press on the message sent error and then tap on a prompt to delete message. Keep in mind that this technique works if the message is not officially sent. The message will show two grey tick if it sent.

#What to do if I send photo to someone mistakenly?
Don’t worry you can delete it, but this require very fast action, because WhatsApp takes only a few second to load your photo you are attempting to send. In this very few second you can prevent it.

#Disconnect Wi-Fi and Data connection as soon as possible
The fastest way to do this is by putting the phone. Go to your phone setting and click on the airplane mode. If you have done successfully then a red eclamation mark will appear beside your message/photo to indicate that it could not be sent.

#Delete the Message
Here you need to be fast and choose to delete the message. If you click delete option in time will completely remove the file from your WhatsApp message log, before no one reads.

2. Delete sent message from WhatsApp within seven minutes from the time you send.

WhatsApp has an update the app which allows you to delete the messages within seven minutes that you already sent. But this feature support only in latest version WhatsApp in your smartphone. Even if you have sent message in private contact or group chatting this new delete option will allow you to delete for everyone within seven minutes.

In case your whatsapp version is not latest, you can go to play store and update the app to latest version. After you have done the update go back to your whatsapp and type message and hit the send button. Three option will display delete for me, cancel and delete for everyone. Once you do that the recipient will see a notice that says “This message was deleted”.

3. How To Delete Message After 7 Minutes

If you want to delete sent message from WhatsApp after 7 minutes, firstly disconnect your device data connection. After that you have to change date and time of the device to the day before you sent the message. Now, you can go back to WhatsApp and select delete message for everyone, this will allow window to delete the message from the recipient.

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To delete successfully the sent message from WhatsApp, both you and your recipient should use the latest WhatsApp version for android,iPhone or windows phone. If both of you are using the old version this feature will not work and the recipient will still see the message though you have deleted from your device. Remember WhatsApp won’t notify you whether you have successfully deleted or not.


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