The Best Free Games Without Wifi 2018

The most engaging advantages of having a cell phone is the capacity to play game when you have downtime to kill. All new portable amusements oblige players to be on the web. There’s no decision however to sign into your Google account and discontinuously sit tight for the diversion to download extra substance. However, there are times when you quite recently can’t get to the internet, particularly when you are on a street trip or a long voyage and don’t have any wifi and internet connection around. There are still many places untouched by the illuminating hands of the web.

Sometimes you and your Android apps end up in a place where there is no internet connection. You may feel cut-off from whatever remains of the world. Fortunately, there are many that you can play free games without wifi or without internet connection or blazing through your cell information. No stresses you simply need to download these free Android no wifi games. They need not bother with an internet connection. You should simply install them on your phone before going on a long trek. You can try some of the games listed below that can be played offline.Free Games Without Wifi

Here’s Is The Best Free Games Without Wifi For Android & iOS


A continuation of an epic legend about a youthful knight who opposes to the abhorrence. You can play online with different members, and alone in disconnected mode. Pick one of four saints with one of a kind capacities and pass 277 one of a kind maps, having illuminated 136 missions. In the diversion there are one hundred of weapon and defensive layer, more than two hundred beasts. At many levels you ought to take care of coherent issues for passing. In the diversion there’s beautiful representation in anime style and charming sound tracks.

Download Zenonia 3

2. Monolithic

A 3d puzzler with an exquisite moderate 3d craftsmanship style. You arrange a tower of inconceivable shapes in Monolithic. Put your shapes, turn them into place, turn around your tower furthermore, look as untill it becomes greater. Towers need to be strong, so ensure you put your pieces in the right place. It has good features like soothing and unwinding gameplay, Great unique soundtrack,Various Themes,intuitive controls and unique gameplay.

Download Monolithic

3. Badland

Life is poor in BADLAND. You control corpulent and sad winged sacks that climb, move down, and for the most part go in the correct heading. They gather as one in huge numbers on occasion, yet simply because they are sure to soon bite the dust in similarly expansive numbers. Under your direction, these grieved animals are squashed, overwhelmed, compact and caught in a steady survival-of-the-fittest battle towards some obscure end.

Basically an outwardly dazzling, material science based platformer, Badlands gets the recipe spot on. Pickups play with the size, speed and stickiness of the winged hedgehogs and there are innumerable chances to give up some of your companion for more prominent’s benefit, utilizing them to lift a specific bit of the scene to permit others safe entry or to assemble a deadlock pickup to shrivel the group in readiness for a slender hole.

As individuals from the group go back and forth, frequently in unpleasant courses and dangerously fast, the survivors, teary peered toward with uninterested assurance, keep fluttering, for there is little else to do.

Download Badland

4. Townsmen

The medieval RTS diversions so prominent on PC have neglected to locate a home on Android generally, however Townsmen offers maybe the most ideal approach to make tracks in an opposite direction from your PC. Offering a mind boggling economy that is pleasingly testing to oversee, alongside a natural visual stylish, Townsmen has bounty to hold you returning.

The main drawback is that the free form is covered with advertisements, yet in the event that you go through a couple of hours with Townsmen, probability is that you’ll need to go through bounty more hours with it, so paying for the full form would be a couple of pennies well spent.

Download Townsmen

5. Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is a one-on-one, allowed to-play battling amusement. You go up against a progression of warriors in outlined fights, increasing new weapons and adapting new moves as you advance.

The diversion plays at a slower pace than many battling recreations; there is a postponement between you contributing activities and them happening on screen. This makes very nearly a Dark Souls-like battle feel, and it’s one of the key qualities of Shadow Fight 2: it’s not recently your responses or system that are essential, achievement additionally relies on upon your selection of moves and timing.

The battles can turn out  exceptionally tense, especially when your wellbeing bar is diminishing endlessly, and the sentiment getting a very much coordinate assault never gets old. Besides, exact movements go about as a delicious counterpoint to the comic book craftsmanship style found in the menus.

Download Shadow Fight 2

6. Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft Pocket Edition conveys is a colossal open world sandbox for creation as well as survival. You can play it simply to make noteworthy structures and components or you can go up against survival mode where you should guard against adversary crowds through cruel evenings, at the same time finding new things and making more grounded hardware.

There are many weapons, things and mixtures, as you may expect, however it’s the basic demonstration of setting pieces, each one in turn, to make structures that has kept its group of onlookers enthralled since its dispatch and what gives Minecraft its mind boggling replay esteem. Despite the fact that there have been many titles since which have attempted to duplicate this specialty and survive recipe, and Minecraft positively wasn’t the first to do it, none have figured out how to coordinate the fulfillment of building like Minecraft.

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition

7. Angry Birds Star Wars 2

We as a whole know Angry Birds and a large portion of us know Angry Birds Star Wars, however Angry Birds Star Wars 2 may be the finest form of the arrangement yet.
Rovio has culminated its triumphant recipe to make a fabulous looking and unendingly replayable Android title. Everything about Angry Birds Star Wars 2, from the craftsmanship style, to the menus, to the character capacities and level outline, sticks to an abnormal state of value.

Whether you cherish or detest Angry Birds, it’s difficult to thump this title for how it accomplishes its points. Beside incidentally troublesome trouble spikes, Angry Birds Star Wars 2 is a thundering achievement. In the event that you need a simple, free, get and-play Android amusement that looks flawless, give this a look.

Download Angry Birds Star War 2

8. Swamp Attack

free games without wifi

In Swamp Attack, you need to guard your lodge against an approaching swarm of bog critters. It’s a free tower guard style diversion and its cell shade design are splendidly suite. The absurd move that makes put, is a truly effective thought out title and well worth looking at.

Download Swamp Attack

9. Ancestor

free games without wifi

Precursor is a quick pace puzzler blended with a side-looking over activity runner. You’ll require sharp reflexes and fast thinking. On the off chance that you have any trusts of getting far in this diversion.

You play as a shrouded legend who must navigate hazardous terrains loaded with traps and foes. All with the assistance of a strange sphere that shoots lasers. Clear the way forward by explaining speedy riddles and shooting down foes. Including supervisor fights as the amusement adjusts to your abilities and ups the trouble as you go. It’s a free amusement with in-application. Buy accessible to modify your character and the laser sphere. You can likewise open all things by gathering the in-application money amid gameplay.

Download Ancestor

10. Clash Royale

free games without wifi

On the off chance that you’ve become worn out on Clash of Clans gameplay. Yet cherish the characters and world that the people at Supercell have made. You should look at Clash Royale. Open and update troops, construct your fight deck, and go up against genuine adversaries progressively fights.

Join or make a group and impart cards and procedures to companions from around the globe. You’ll have to utilize snappy speculation and bonafide system to win. So you’ll be constrain to continue tweaking your decks by working in new cards. In-application buys will entice and are basically require to achieve the more elite classes of the leaderboards. Yet there’s still huge amounts of entertainment to play Clash Royale without spending money.

Download Clash Royale

11. Shadow Fight 2

free games without wifi

This game is for action lovers. This game lets you equip your character with countless lethal weapons and rare armor sets. It has many features like animated martial arts techniques. You remember those kung-fu movies with all the acrobatic kicks and moves. Shadow Fight is a 2D game based on a character “Shadow” who lost his physical body when he unleashed some powerful demons as he try to save his home from invaders. He now exist as a skilled shadow warrior and fight the demons and their various bodyguards. The game has many stages to ensure you will always have an enemy to fight.

Download Shadow Fight 2

12. Infinity loop

free games without wifiInfinity Loop is one of the most trending free games without wifi. This game a stress relief or a relaxing game. It combines simplicity and relaxation. In the Gameplay it involves connecting various curved shapes to create a complete shape with no breaks. In dark mode, make disconnection and break a complete shape and don’t leave a single piece connected. You can play infinite levels without losing interest. As you progress the game, the levels become more complicated. But you can solve just as easily as the earlier levels. Make sure you connect the app with goolge game play on the setting panel. The game was not created to become harder, but for you to relax and make those loops. The game is free on google play store and is only 4.05Mb.

Download Infinity Loop

13. Asphalt 8 Airborne

Asphalt 8 is the latest version of the asphalt games. It has quality graphics, speed and awesome cars. It is amazing game, asphalt 8 comes with new stunt cars, arcade, an aircraft carriers. The game is very smooth in good device to race with against other opponents. To win money prizes that you can use for upgrades and also purchase new cars. Even though you can play offline, asphalt 8 require multiplayer experience, which is one of the game strong points.

Download Asphalt 8 airborne

14. Despicable me

Despicable me is a 3D runner game. More than 800 million players join this game in world wide. In this game you will race with the minions. While jumping run as fast as you can, roll, dodge rush to banana. The minions have brought with them loads of fun and bananas. Play exciting special missions to increase your score. In the game, use awesome custome and hilarious weapons, to run through locations inspired by the movie.

Download Despicable me

15. Six guns: Gang showdown

Gameloft create this game, six guns gives you the true feel of the wild west, and you better be strapped. Six guns is a third person shooter action game based on the action scenes of the wild west Arizona and Oregon. But don’t let land’s beauty outlaws, vampires fools you. You have to take and complete on 40 missions with a big variety of tasks to overcome. Race with horses, take out robbers, finish off waves of enemies and much along the way. Unlock different weapons clothes and weapons to help you off in your action filled adventure. The game is free to download on google play store.

16. Dots

Dots is a popular and addictive puzzle game available on Android phones, tablets and iOS devices. The game is simple all about connecting dots and a simple, fun, and thoughtful game design. It’s a free play where you connect same colored dot vertically and horizontally to make a line, not a circle, or connect four dots to make a square. You can race against the clock in timed mode and try to connect as many dots as you can in one minutes or you can play in moves based mode and take your time while planning strategic moves. You can even play in facebook and twitter and challenge your friends to a dots match. Try to beat their score, earn badges,and be the champion of the leaderboard.

At the end, more and more developers will make online games. But offline will still be the favorite for the days to come. Download and install some of the above free games without wifi to play. You’ll never regret and have more fun in gaming. Lets start the game!

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